Time lapse Traditional mural

This is a mural I recently created in holland and filmed using time lapse camera..... taking a photo every two seconds whilst painting the mural... so here is the edited version also please check my youtube link and add rating if you like


thanks comments welcomed




My new van up running and getting the Paint Job

so this is the new paint job step by step went first for the bonnet of the van then today I finish some filling and sanding........... then mask it all up ready for a sandy Orange skyline to be sprayed on tomorrow and then detailing of the landscapes after that pictures will follow soon!!!!



I have managed to organise and build my own Web site yes she is up and running and I can tell you its been a long journey with just a little left to do on the editing and linking front so heres the link please feel free to email comments and feed back...... www.uvartist.com


Latest project

This is my current project hope you like it as much as i do..... Will be a fully completed room all walls and starry ceiling.....

The best bit is it will be appearing on Grand Designs Channel four..... in the next few weeks!

I helped build the rooms to which is unusal and very interesting in such a beautiful buliding....

I will post completed pictures when finished and hopefully with carpet and bed inside too.........


Babys Nursery

This picture was painted on a 8ft by 4 ft board. The ultra violet picture will be retaken when the room is fixed up next week............ the theme was very simerlar to a job I did for Micro Soft in the south of France last month for a conferance of delegate's... This painting however has much more detail as I had three days to complete it compared to 2 hours for the live performance in France...........

half completed "Autum Spirit"

Brand new Paintings " Perfume Portraits "


V Festival Mural in the Pixie Village

So this was my lastest project with the Caukus crew and Airosolics At the Northern V Festival.... I painted two very big murals with two top graffitti artists Zadok and Jae. First time we ever worked together and in two days we produced this amazing piece.....

It will be going onto ebay on the 28th of august so watch this space!!!! for a link...............



Recent drawings of ideas to come

Here are some ideas which I am in the process of turing to banners I like them so much that I may do one as a painting on the side of my van....

They also are good ideas for Murals....


Jungle Canvas \/ \/ with UV light on\/ \/



Polymer clay Wizard

It's been a while since I spent quality time sculpting and it has proved to be very rewarding

so this is an example of recent results .

He has thick aluminium wire running from the base to his chest. The arms and staff are supported by copper wire, with auminim foil wrapped aroung that frame to fill out the form. Then the sculpture is made using polymer clay a blend of fimo and sculpy. Details created with small tools and colours come in seperate packs and are mixed and blended to create the end result which glows magically at night.


The Tribal Elders Circle

this is a sculpture with 24 elders from around the world. I made this piece from hand and imagination each figure is unique and has a partner as many races as i could think of are represented here and it is one of my favorite pieces....


Van For Public events

This van was painted last year for a good friend of mine Will Lord

He makes amazing flint pieces including knives arrow heads and awesome bows....
check out his site>>> beyond 2000 bc


This is a picture of my work van. I have managed to see lots of the U.k this year. Almost all of that tour done with Bio-diesel an enviromentally friendly alternative to diesel with no engine modifications needed and next to no toxic emmissions.